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Malta Residence, Visas and Citizenship

Why Malta

Malta – a destination for business; Trusts and Foundations; maritime and aviation; gaming; patents and trademarks and tax planning.
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A Bridge to North Africa

Malta is an ideal platform for the setting up of business investment with countries in the North African basin, such a Libya, Tunisia and Morocco and the Middle East.
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A Bridge to Europe

Investment in manufacturing in Malta, an E.U. member state, provides product access to a market of over 500 million European Union consumers. Malta has an excellent manufacturing incentive system.
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Taxation and Fiscal Incentives

Malta has a standard corporate tax rate. This however may be subject to a tax refund system which can reach a maximum of 6/7 of the corporate tax paid.
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Wealth Management

Malta Trusts and Foundations are positive instruments in medium and long-term wealth management, succession and estate planning. Trusts and Foundations in Malta enjoy a solid reputation.
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Malta Company Formation

Maltese company law is largely based on the English model. Company formation, registration and incorporation is efficient and streamlined.
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