Bridge-to-EuropeMalta has had a long history of a thriving manufacturing industry. Over the years, particularly in the run-up to and following the country’s membership of the European Union, this industry has seen a decided shift from the traditional textile and other product manufacture to a more select product base.

This drive and expansion has seen the growth of industrial activity in, amongst others, pharmaceutical, software and ICT development, medical and bio-technological products and in the repair and maintenance of commercial aircraft.

Matched with this growth there has been a parallel legal and administrative development of procedures and incentives which make such investments in Malta attractive on many levels. Thus, Malta continues to provide such incentives as very competitively-priced factory space; incentives for employee training and green jobs in general; direct investment incentives; trade promotion; enterprise support; innovative start-up financing; research and development grants and business advisory services.

Additionally to the direct access to the single European market via the manufacturing of a Maltese product locally-based manufacturing industries are given ease of access to the North African and Middle Eastern countries in particular, given Malta’s cultural and geographic proximity to Libya; Tunisia; Morocco; Lebanon and other countries within these regions.