associated-professional-servicesNominee & Fiduciary Services are offered through the Firm’s associated company, which is duly licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

These services essentially comprise the provision of nominee shareholding.  In terms of Maltese law, a licensed fiduciary company may hold shares in a company on behalf of an individual or firm, the latter being and remaining the real and sole and exclusive owner of these shares. The fiduciary company will therefore have no beneficial interest in the shares being so held. All matters concerning the use and any eventual transfer both inter vivos and causa mortis of these shares would remain pertinent to the real owner.

A mandatory fiduciary agreement would lay down and regulate the relative rights and obligations of both the nominee company and the beneficial owner of the shares in question. The terms of such agreements have been duly approved by the Regulator. Such a fiduciary relationship brings about a legal obligation of affective concealment of the identity of the beneficial owner of the shares, subject to the laws concerning money laundering.

Back office services relate to any activities and services of a routine, administrative and on-going nature such as administration services and mail forwarding;  book-keeping and accounting services (excluding work which may only be carried out by a person or firm holding a warrant under the Accountancy Profession Act); information and data processing; and computer bureau, database and computer outsourcing.

Such activities may include, for instance, the processing and recording of invoices, sales transactions and accounts management information reporting, form-filling work in support of trust services, shipping and maritime trade, insurance or fund administration business.

Back office services may be provided to companies engaged in such areas of activity as airline companies (e.g. ticketing, reservations), hotels, tour operating companies and other related operations.

As a location for back-office operations, Malta also offers very positive commercial and logistical considerations.

Additional services include:

  • Business Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Human resources planning and recruitment services
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Directorship services