employmentEmployment and Industrial Relations in Malta are regulated in detail through a complement of principal and subsidiary legislation laying down substantive and procedural laws and regulations governing both employees as a body as well as single categories. The Employment and Industrial Relations Act of 2002 is the main legislative Act governing this area. It is pertinent to note that the Constitution of Malta itself, specifically upholds a number of workers’ rights such as the maximum number of daily working hours; the minimum working age; gender equality; and professional and vocational training for workers.

The Industrial Tribunal is the quasi-judicial body which is tasked to resolve contentious disputes on employment with an appeal to the Court of Appeal.

The Firm has acted both for employers and for employees in such instances and has given advice on human resources organization and restructuring within small, medium and large enterprises.


PCM Legal provides services in the following areas:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Service Agreement (Self Employment)
  • Companies/Severance Agreements
  • Employment Litigation (Industrial Tribunal and Court of Appeal)
  • Employment Structuring Advice
  • Advice on Collective Agreements
  • Internal company structures, manuals and policies