Real-estaeThe Maltese property market is part of the backbone of the local economy and has proved to be an investment which continues as a general rule, to withstand the test of time.

This has given rise to a very active property acquisition and rental market.

The local conveyancing process is based in general on an initial Promise of Sale agreement, which the parties sign in order to establish the relative bond. This Promise of Sale agreement is subject to certain terms and conditions will be mutually agreed to between the parties. Following this, parties appear on a Notarial final deed of sale which concludes the transfer of title.

Major construction contracts are generally regulated by standard international rules. Infrastructure projects pass through the stages of bid proposals; contracting; agreement negotiation and, where required, project financing.

PCM Legal provides services in the following areas

  • Property Conveyancing
  • Commercial and Residential Lease
  • Construction, Development and Turnkey Contracting
  • Owners’ Association Regulations