Bridge-to-North-AfricaOver the years, Malta’s geographical location right at the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and its historical and traditionally friendly links with countries stretching from the North African coastline up to the Middle East, have served many local and foreign entrepreneurs well. Many international entities wanting to do business in countries like Libya, Tunisia, Morocco have resorted to the setting up of companies and the conclusion of joint venture, franchise and other such agreements in Malta as a platform for their intended commercial activity in these countries. Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon and other countries in the Middle Eastern area are importance centres which are growing in importance not only a single business destinations but also as areas of interest in the setting up of cross border corporate organisation.

Our Firm continues to maintain a strong presence in this line of work with combined years of experience in the workings and procedures of commercial initiatives in these countries and in the legal requirements relating to them. We maintain a good working relationship with practitioners in these areas and can this assist clients seeking to explore the possibilities of investment in these jurisdictions.